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Thank you for checking out Tarot Television! This is a picture of me with my very first hula hoop (made by my friend Kimmy who is the ORIGINAL Hula Hoop Queen) in the spring of 2020, at the home of my friend Greg Martens. We were having an outdoor “socially distanced” musical event there, and I have money in my hand because I am tipping the band. It turns out I can hula hoop pretty well. That’s saying something for a 46 year-old!

At the time this picture was taken, I did not know that I would start reading tarot and oracle cards for friends and family on FB, but as it turns out that is where the Coronaverse led me, and I am GRATEFUL!

Soon I will add more content to XOTV in landscape format… please stay tuned as I become more proficient with my technologies!

My readings are whimsical and off-the-cuff. Sometimes they feel profound and sometimes they are ridiculous.

Enjoy them and remember to smile smile smile!

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