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Keep Portland Gritty!

My friends Jacqueline Rouda and Dan Abeln created this sticker as a call to action.

The call is to support your locals ... keep it real, keep it authentic, and keep it gritty.  

The four symbols seen on the sticker represent four magical qualities of Portland, Maine ...

  • Local Music
  • Local Beer 
  • Local Food
  • Local Working Waterfront

Mainers are well aware of the fun that can be had in this oceanside cobble-stoned town. And fact is, Portland's fame is growing.  Cruise ships come to town and pour out onto Commerical Street to buy goods from local artists, tourists drive their cars here and spend money on lobsters, and our breweries and distilleries attract gobs of people.  Musicians play jazz, bluegrass and psychedelic rock here.  And the talent!!

The talent of our Maine musicians!

The talent of our chefs and brewmasters! 

The talent of our boat captains!

What fuels this magic?  It's the people of the town.  It's the people of Maine that go to work and get dirty.  Or get funky.  Fishermen, bartenders, servers, dishwashers, drummers, bassists, artists  ... our local brethren.  It's thanks to our hardworking Maine people that this peaceful and welcoming environment exists! Portland is a special place - so if you visit here - be kind, tip well, and ...

Keep Portland Gritty!   
Keep Portland Gritty! (and keep YOUR hometown gritty too...)

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