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A Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for Grateful Souls

By Erica Erika Swift

Tarot Television XOTV

Originally aired LIVE on FB 1/26/2021, for entertainment purposes only 🙂

Erica is a third-generation Tarot card reader, amateur Astrologer, new-agey Lightworker, and a self-proclaimed Good Witch from the state of Maine. Erica is also a devoted Deadhead, and - of course - a Scorpio. Her tone is soothing and her readings are an example of intuitive storytelling and un-rehearsed streams of consciousness.

As the wise Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead wrote: “Believe it if you need it, or leave it if you dare…”

Relax and Enjoy




You can probably hear my teenage son cackling and occasionally swearing in the background here. Sorry about that. He’s loud and our home is small. 🙂


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