A New Passion, Change of Perspective, and the Emerald Stone


A Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for Grateful Souls

By Erica Erika Swift

Tarot Television XOTV

Originally aired LIVE on FB 1/25/2021, for entertainment purposes only 🙂

Erica is a third-generation Tarot card reader, amateur Astrologer, new-agey Lightworker, and a self-proclaimed Good Witch from the state of Maine. Erica is also a devoted Deadhead, and - of course - a Scorpio. Her tone is soothing and her readings are an example of intuitive storytelling and un-rehearsed streams of consciousness.

As the wise Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead wrote: “Believe it if you need it, or leave it if you dare…”

Relax and Enjoy




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