Karmic Justice: The World is Watching - Breathing In the Elixir of Life - Releasing Narcissistic Chains - Will You Dream It or Do It (Part 2)


A Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for Grateful Souls

by Erica Erika Swift


First aired LIVE on FB 3/14/2021, for entertainment purposes only of course!

In this video, among other things, we discuss the Sabian Symbols of astrology and specifically the symbol for 1 degree Aries: “A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her.”

The song heard at the beginning of this video is “To Know You Is To Love You” from the Album “Bobby Vinton’s Greatest Hits Of Love” by Epic Records. Erica does not own the rights to this music.

Around 51 minutes into the video, the lyric “I Am!” was incorrectly attributed to the Grateful Dead song “Throwing Stones” - but it’s actually from “Let It Grow,” which is also by John Barlow and Bob Weir - but nonetheless it’s important to note. 🙂

Erica is a third-generation Tarot card reader, amateur astrologer, new-agey Lightworker, and a self-proclaimed Good Witch from the state of Maine. Erica is also a devoted Deadhead, and - of course - a Scorpio. Her tone is soothing and her readings are an example of intuitive storytelling and un-rehearsed streams of consciousness.

As the wise Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead wrote: “Believe it if you need it, or leave it if you dare…”

Relax and Enjoy!




Thank you for watching!!!!


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