A true Soul Music Singer, Dancer, Performer and one of THE KINGS of LAS VEGAS/ GRADY HARRELL


Grady Harrell was born and raised in Los Angeles Ca. and started singing at the tender age of 8. He was greatly influenced by Smokey Robinson and taught himself to sing with a portable record player that his Mom bought him. Trying hard to emulate Smokey, he learned all the Miracles songs. He started singing in his neighborhood to anyone who would listen. At 12 years old he started his own singing group with 2 other guys from his block and named the group The Young Gents. They did talent shows and parties for a while, then added his sister Rocquel to the line up and changed their name to Papa’s Results.

Papa’s Results began playing all the clubs in the L.A. area such as Mavericks Flats, The Total Experience, The Apartment and many more. Sharing the stage with such groups as the Whispers, Lakeside, Richard Pryor,Chaka Khanand many more. Papa’s Results stayed together as a group for 6 years, even being managed briefly by the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and her sister Carolyn.

After Rocquel got an offer to tour with Diana Ross Grady went solo. He signed with Dick Griffey’s Solar Records label and put out his first Album, MWANA. It had little success with the regional hit Belinda as the first single. In 1987 he left Solar and signed with RCA records and released his second Album, Come Play With Me. The single Sticks and Stones went all the way to #4 on the R&B charts. His second Album for RCA was Romance Me which had limited success due to poor promotions.

In 1992 Jermaine Jackson chose Grady to play the part in the hit made for TV mini series, The Jacksons, An American Dream, As Soul singer Jackie Wilson. The series was nominated for an Emmy award. These days you can find Grady Harrell touring with his band and recording new music.

You can find out more about Grady Harrell at his website located here: http://www.gradyharrell.com




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