One of the Pioneers of the Legal Cannibus Revolution, the Queen Of Cannibus. Producer, Casting Agent and Businesswoman / Bonita Bo Money (Queen Cannibus)


Victor is honored to speak with the mulit-talented Bonita Bo Money. Producer, Casting Agent, Director and Businesswoman. With over 30 years in the entertainment industry, and now one of the premier advocates for Social Justice, Equality and education within the Cannabis Industry.

There are more women CEOs in cannabis than in any other industry in the U.S., yet women only hold 27 percent of leadership positions in the entire cannabis industry. In this hyper-progressive industry, women still experience patriarchal hurdles, and, like in all other industries, those hurdles are even higher for women of color. One woman of color, Bonita “Bo” Money, is trying to change all that.

A cannabis company owner since the days of medical, Money co-founded That Glass Jar, an organic cannabis-infused herbal cream that has found success in treating MRSA, eczema, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Money is also the founder of Women ABUV Ground, a networking organization working with women of color in the cannabis industry, and last year Money founded NDICA, National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance. With less than 15 percent of cannabis businesses owned by POC — the social group most affected by the War on Drugs — Money has serious work to do.

DOPE checked in with Bonita “Bo” Money to discuss her work with NDICA and the hurdles that POC still face in the “cannabusiness”.




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