Legendary "Hairstylist To The Stars" / "Mr/ Charles" MC Coy


A true Chicago native. Charles McCoy is affectionately and professionally known as Mr. Charles… Hairstylist To The Stars. His work has been seen in fashion magazines, music videos, album covers and he is a sought after stylist that is in high demand at video shoots and award shows like the Oscar Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Image Awards, and Soul Train Awards. This Master “Sizzor Wizard” learned the ropes from watching his esteemed Mother … a true Chicago socialite…as a kid, who owned one of the most respected Hair Salons in Chicago.

Mr. Charles grew up in an upper middle class environment. His mother and father were black business owners and Chicago movers and shakers. Mr. Charles and his family… eventually moved to Los Angeles where they set up a number of successful Hair Salons… which immediately attracted celebrities and top clients. Mr. Charles served our country in the Coast Guard, he has developed his own line of hair products and he takes pride in his grandchildren… that carry the smooth “good looking” McCoy Trademark.

Tremendously Mr. Charles is also a cancer survivor. In 2019… Mr. Charles was hospitalized… undergoing, several extensive operations… At which… during those procedures… he flat lined 4 times. Doctors call him a “Walking Miracle” because somehow only by God’s grace he survived all 4 of the flat lines.

Mr. Charles’ personal life journey has been full of ups and downs, crazy turn arounds and most of all GAME CHANGES.Today he is busy working on a captivating book… that will display his life’s journey… as well as describe his INCREDIBLE experience with death… detailing what he saw and felt when he flat lined…

The Chicago native is also creating a brand new social media platform, which will feature his hair techniques and spotlight celebrity clients. Mr. Charles’ personal life journey has been full of ups and downs, crazy turn arounds and most of all GAME CHANGES. Mr. Charles… continues to inspire and guide young people who hope to work in Hollywood. He has kept his Mother’s legacy alive by carrying the family torch upholding the McCoy name as a GOAT in the hair industry.

Mr. Charles… has more than 30 years under his belt..as a hairstylist trendsetter… and as he reflects on his life journey he makes one thing clear. He is thankful to STILL BE ALIVE… and when it comes to The journey of MR CHARLES… The Best Is Yet To Come.




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