Bootsy Collins feat. Fantaazma - Hip Hop Lollipop


Produced by Bootsy & Patti Collins

Featured Artist: Fantaazma aka Fantasma Goria

Cameo: Victor Wooten

Direction, editing and post production by Michael Kirsch

The Ark Studio Footage directed by Charles Armstrong and Ouiwey Collins

Studio Gruen Footage directed by Michael Kirsch

Bootzilla logo by Francesco “Zano” Zanotti

Special thanks to:

Savannah Sexton, AKA ThinkSavy Krystal Nicole Tim Krink Alexander Güngör Ute Martens Konstantinos Sianos

Filmed at The Ark Studios & Studio Gruen

Bootzilla Records 2022 all rights reserved

Written by Bootsy Collins, Mashamug Music, BMI Fantasma Goria, Hindi Malalanta Music, GEMA Wes Boatman, Barkley Boy Music, BMI Victor Wooten, ViixLix Music, ASCAP Michael Kirsch, Hindi Malalanta Music, GEMA




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