The Club Funkateers Show: It's Episode 25 Baba!!!


Join Bootsy for the last week of the Ukraine fundraiser! The Power of Love

Welcome to Funky Friday with Pepperminte Patti and DJ Monica, Club Funkateers! This week, we have special guests Ross and Lizzie, who also created our fan art and are even contributing to our upcoming fundraiser… which you can learn more about in this episode✨🤩 Talk about mega fans🤘🏾✨

🤘✨ 💫 We have new episodes right here on XOTV every Funky Friday! 🤩 Share your dance moves with us! Get down on your favorite songs of Bootsy’s latest album, The Power Of The One. Post your clip on Twitter and get funky with us 🤩 And do you want to see your art featured on Club Funkateers? Send us your art or videos of you dancing to Bootsy’s funky tunes on Twitter!

A very special thanks to our sponsors XOTV and Bootzilla Rocks Wine! And if you want more funk, you can watch last week’s episode here 💫




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