The Club Funkateers Show: Episode 11!! (Season 2)


Learn about Funk Not Fight

Happy Veteran’s Day to our American soldiers and soldiers around the world. Club Funkateers honors our Veterans in this week’s episode with Pepperminte Patti and DJ Monica. ✨😊

This week’s featured Club Funkateer dancer was Chiquitta Rouse Pendergrass, dancing to Vickie Johnson’s choreography. 💃🏾💃🏾

This week, Pepperminte Patti and DJ Monica dedicate the episode to Bootsy’s newest project, funk not fight! Our dancers get groovy to the song, talk about the meaning behind the campaign, and tell you how you can get involved! Talk about a funky week💃🏾🕺🏾

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What a special tribute to our veterans. Thank you for your argued and thank you Patti and BOOTSy Collins for recognizing what all Americans will benefit from. The safety of us all. Thanks to our dancers my self and our international ambassadors in the video with me Chiquitta Pendergrass Rouse. Dance created by Vickie Johnson. We thank you for this masterpiece. Thank you Toure Clark - our canteen and skate ambassdor in Columbia SC . Thank you for your service. We strive to serve our soldiers of all regions. I say Hooah to all our veterans of all services. #DanceAmbassadorSoldierVeteran and Lover of FUNK!! #LetsGooooooooo


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