The Club Funkateers Show: It's Episode 19 Baba! The End of Season 2!!


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Welcome to episode 50 of Club Funkateers! This is the end of season 2, baba! Join us back here for season three, coming to you soon. 🤩

🤘✨ 💫 We have new episodes right here on XOTV every Funky Friday! 🤩 Share your dance moves with us! Get down on your favorite songs of Bootsy’s latest album, The Power Of The One. Post your clip on Twitter and get funky 🤩 And do you want to see your art featured on Club Funkateers? Send us your art or videos of you dancing to Bootsy’s funky tunes on Twitter!

A very special thanks to our sponsors XOTV and Bootzilla Rocks Wine! And if you want more funk, you can watch last week’s episode here 💫




First UP - Congratulations Pepperminte Patti - Franz - Katie and DJ Monica for your awesome Team Work with 50 episodes with the FUNKY FRIDAY channel. Thank you for allowing our dance platforms to grace your channel and provide DANCE throughout the globe 🌎 with dancers who love FUNK MUSIC and wanting to show their movements theough your musical movement. Shawuana Moore - you and your YALL READY PRODUCTIONS for performing the video to the DMX TRIBUTE line dance I had a ball creating, thanks Pepperminte Patti for the opportunity to honor him in that way. Regi Brown - Chicago - thanks for your message on FAMILY FIRST - EVERYONE come SECOND. It’s a constant reminder to us all. Thanks Dr. Wilson - funk not fight ambassador for pushing WHAT YOU GIVE A FUNK ABOUT from people STATE TO STATE - and INTERNATIONALLY. Leta FUNK SOME MORE in 2023. I’m feeling my TAP DANCE 💃 roots. #LetsGooooooooooo! Love 💕 our Club Funkateer State to State and GROUND AMBASSADORS.


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