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Prior to the Razer Viper Ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 edition wireless gaming mouse being release, the standard version of the Razer Viper Ultimate remained my favourite gaming mouse. Regardless of what version of the Viper Ultimate you decide to opt in for, you’re going to be investing in one of the highest tiers of mice that money can buy today. I’m also a huge fan of gaming peripherals that look bold and loud, hence why the Cyberpunk 2077 edition of the Razer Viper Ultimate has now replaced the standard m`atte black one in my gaming setup.

Razer pretty much leads the pack when it comes to high end gaming mice. They have a huge line of mice and whilst many of them provide a variety of benefits that the Viper Ultimate cannot compete with (as an example, the Naga Pro has detachable side plates), as an overall gaming mouse, the Viper Ultimate is simply untouchable. It is for this reason why the regular Viper Ultimate with charging dock is priced at a hefty £149.99 whilst my personal favourite, the Cyberpunk 2077 edition of the same gaming mouse, is priced at £159.99 on Razer’s website.

Although the remainder of this review is specific to the Cyberpunk 2077 edition, the same will also apply to the standard Viper Ultimate since the only difference between the two versions is the colour of the mouse and dock.


The Razer Viper Ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 edition’s experience starts entirely from the unboxing process. Usually when companies partner up to provide a unique custom variant of a product, the packaging largely remains the same. However with the Viper Ultimate, even the box is themed to match the bright yellow colour of the Cyberpunk 2077 logo. You cannot buy this variant of the mouse without the charging dock, which I believe is the correct move from Razer. In fact, I don’t know why anyone would want to invest in the Viper Ultimate without the charging dock!

As soon as you open the box, you’re presented with the mouse and charging dock, both of which are snugly tucked inside a perfectly cut-out padded foam material. In fact, it’s so well tucked in that you can turn the box upside down and the mouse or dock will not fall out. You’ll instantly be struck by the bright yellow colour of the mouse and charging dock. I absolutely love that the Viper Ultimate has the Cyberpunk logo stamped across it, but at the same time the Razer logo remains intact, which of course will light up in true Razer fashion.

Underneath the mouse and dock is a cable and some instructions. The cable is used to connect the dock to your computer. Hidden inside the mouse is the USB-A dongle that will allow you to wirelessly connect the mouse to the computer. You can either connect the dongle to the dock, or directly to the computer. In this case, it makes sense to only connect it to the dock since you can then place the mouse onto the dock in order to charge it when not in use.


Regardless of what Viper Ultimate you go for, I firmly believe that this mouse is the best looking mouse that I have used. What makes it so perfect is how symmetrical it is, hence why this is also an ambidextrous mouse. If you’re looking for something loud to show off to your friends, the Cyberpunk 207 variant will turn heads instantly. The skin compliments the sharp lines of the mouse and adds a futuristic tone to the entire product.

What’s most impressive about the Viper Ultimate however is how light it is. Despite being a full-sized mouse, the Viper Ultimate is astonishingly light. In fact, it weighs at only 74g according to the Razer website. When using the mouse, you really won’t feel any weight when moving it about.

Due to the ambidextrous nature of the mouse, there are just as many buttons on the right side as there are on the left side. In addition, the mouse doesn’t curve a certain way. In addition to the standard left-click, right-click and scroll wheel, there are two buttons on each side that are perfectly symmetrical to each other. Depending on what hand you use the mouse, you’ll end up using the buttons that rest on your thumb. The scroll wheel itself has only a tiny amount of resistance – enough to let you know that you’re scrolling the wheel but nowhere near enough to make you feel as if you have to put any force to scroll.

Underneath the mouse, there is a hidden chamber that lets you hide the dongle if you want to travel with the mouse. It’s a great feature that many wireless mice are now adopting. Instead of worrying about the tiny dongle getting lost, you can just hide it inside the mouse itself. In addition, the bottom of the mouse has an on/off switch, and a button to let you switch the DPI settings (there are 5 to choose from). You can customize the DPI profiles via the Synapse 3 software in case you’re not happy with the default options.  

One of the unique selling points of the Viper Ultimate is the dock that comes with it. I cannot stress enough that you should not buy the mouse without the dock. If you’re going to spend over £100 on a wireless gaming mouse, you might as well go the distance and buy the dock. The dock serves two main purposes. Firstly, it contains a USB port for which you can insert your mouse dongle. That way, you can power the dock and also use it to wirelessly connect the mouse to the computer. Secondly, it acts as a fantastic charging station. You simply need to sit the Viper Ultimate on top of the dock, and it will secure itself. You’ll know that the mouse is charging because the Razer logo on the mouse and the chroma lighting at the bottom of the dock will begin to pulsate in sync.

Razer could have very easily launched the Cyberpunk 2077 edition of the Viper Ultimate with the standard black dock, and nobody would have complained. However, they went the extra mile and ensured that even the dock matches the colours of the mouse.


Performance is quite simply, second to none. Whilst it doesn’t have the features of adaptable side plates, the mouse is designed to cater for the most amount of people. The two buttons on each side are sufficient for any FPS game. In addition, the weight and overall comfort of the mouse makes it an incredibly productive accessory for anyone who just wants to work, video edit, photoshop etc. It therefore isn’t fair to just call the Viper Ultimate a gaming mouse. It is in fact a mouse that also enhances productivity in other areas.

Razer’s very bold claim that the mouse can last for up to 70 hours on a single charge is also absolutely true. In fact, I ended up using it for 75 hours before it needed a recharge. That is an incredible achievement for a mouse that is so light.

One of the key concerns that any gamer would have when using a wireless mouse is latency. It is a known fact that wireless mice just don’t provide the low latency levels that a wired mouse would. However, the Viper Ultimate contains some fantastic technology that bridges the latency gap. Firstly, the left and right clicks are actually optical mouse switches and use Razer’s special technology. That means that the Viper Ultimate has a response time of 0.2 milliseconds. This is made possible since the mouse uses an infrared light beam to register clicks, as opposed to physical contact.

In addition, the Viper Ultimate contains Razer’s Focus+ optical sensor, which has 20,000 DPI. Essentially, this means that even the slightest bit of movement is registered. For those who play FPS games and aim for headshots, having a 99.6% resolution accuracy is a huge bonus. You’ll purely be relying on your ability and not the mouse failing to register your aim.

The mouse feet are also 100% PFTE – this is a grade of material that is actually used to coat non-stick pans. There’s nothing worse than a mouse eventually collecting dust and lint at the bottom, since that will definitely degrade your ability to glide the mouse across a mouse mat.

The mouse also contains 8 programmable buttons, and using Razer’s proprietary Synapse 3 software (which I believe is the best in class), you can map the various buttons on the mouse to macros and additional functions.

The most important piece of technology that bridges the gap between the Viper Ultimate and a high quality wired gaming mouse is Razer’s HyperSpeed Wireless technology. This is built directly into the mouse and essentially uses a frequency that is unique to other wireless frequencies used in modern technology (e.g. Bluetooth).


The Razer Viper Ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 edition is now my favourite wireless mouse. It’s important to note that it is exactly the same mouse as the regular versions of the Viper Ultimate. The only difference is the skin on the mouse and dock. With that in mind, your decision only comes down to what colour works best for your gaming setup, since Razer has the Cyberpunk version, but also a black, white and pink version. The Viper Ultimate is an amalgamation of all of Razer’s finest technologies in their gaming mice portfolio. It uses the best wireless technology to provide what feels like a zero-latency experience, has a fantastic battery life, uses Synapse 3 to allow you to fully customize the buttons, is incredibly light, and even caters for gamers who are right or left handed. It is the perfect mouse for gamers who don’t play MMOs (since those gamers may want more buttons on the side e.g. Naga Pro). The Razer Viper Ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 edition specifically sits on top of my list as my most recommended wireless gaming mouse to purchase in 2021. 

Final Review Score : 10


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