Dr. Scholar Lee TV: Goodbye victim, Hello VICTOR!


Greetings Great Scholars!!! Welcome to Dr. Scholar Lee TV, the channel where you will be educated, elevated, and empowered to evolve. Dr. Scholar Lee has created and Blessed us with more spiritual wisdom for us to be enlightened. Goodbye victim, Hello VICTOR! is a masterpiece full of Spiritual Gems. Futhermore, this video informs and explains what is necessary to let go in order to transform into the being we are meant to become to serve our purpose effectively and efficiently. We must let go of victim mindsets to obtain, sustain, and maintain a VICTOR mindset. YOU MUST watch this empowering video so you can ignite and awaken your Genius & Gifts, Optimize your Omnipotentce, and be Disciplined at proclaiming Dominion over your life; aka awakening the G.O.D. in you. Dr. Scholar Lee is our Spiritual Hierophant and Guru! Moreover, he is the conscious voice we must listen to excercise our G.O.D.fidence. Moreover, Dr. Scholar Lee sends a heartfelt thank you to everyone who watches his content because he understands how valuable and precious your time and energy is. Lastly, Dr. Scholar Lee encourages us to be Humble and to never crumble. Furthermore, He empowers us to BE Great, Be Bold, and to ALWAYS BE YOU!!!

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Humbly in Gratitude. Dr. Scholar Lee




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