Dr. Scholar Lee TV: (Part 2) Balance Yourself, So You Can Service Others!!!


Greetings!!!! Great people. Welcome to Dr. Scholar Lee TV where you are empowered to Be Great, Be Bold, and to ALWAYS BE YOU!!! This episode Dr. Scholar Lee, our Spiritual Hierophant, talks about the essentials of spirituality, which are BALANCE and SERVICE! You must lead a mentally and emotionally balanced life in order to be Spiritually aligned and equiped to walk in your purpose effectively and efficiently. Dr. Scholar Lee wants you to know you too are a GOD! Being a God is your Birthright, therefore, you must provide a quality service for people to awaken the Divine GOD Spirit that resides in them. Dr. Scholar Lee lets you know in this 2-part series that “There is no God until you awaken the God within you and realize the GOD you should praise is the one in the Mirror. Inspiration roots from Being “IN SPIRIT”!!! Therefore, you cannot INSPIRE people until you are IN SPIRIT” YOU MUST WATCH this empowering and insightful 2-part episode. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not take the time to allow your Spirit to listen to the wisdom of Dr. Scholar Lee, our Spiritual Hierophant and Inspirational Leader.

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