Shooting a BRAND video with the Sony A7iii.


I shot a Brand Video for Woodsluck Distillery in December 2020 and I decided to go for a look and feel inspired by Daniel Schiffer.

Let me know in the comments down below if you guys would like to see a breakdown of this clip.

Enjoy the video.

My Favourite Music Licensing Site :​ (use the coupon “EKRON” for 10% off a monthly or yearly subscription!)

This entire video was shot on my Sony A7iii.

My Main Camera:

My Go To Lens:

Vlog Microphone:

The Bendy Tripod:

On the go Recorder:

Shout-out to Soundstripe for the best music.

Songs: “Cold Brew” by Ryan Prewett




Cheers to this great content! 🥃


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Thank you so much Michael! I’m looking forward to post more content like this 🙌🏻

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