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No blog preview for Let's Plays this week, I haven't had a chance to record them yet.  I know there will be eps. of The Rainsdowne Players and Emerald City Confidential at the very least, haven't decided if I'm gonna start a third one yet.

If I get them recorded early enough, I may post a blog tomorrow or Tuesday.

UPDATE: As is want to happen with ADHD, sometimes you just lose all motivation to work on anything, even things you're interested in, and that's been the case with me for the past month or two (although I doubt that the relatively high dose of Prozac that I'm on is helping matters either).  While I've slowly been getting my motivation back for the past few days, I still haven't really been in a good mindset to record Let's Plays, so rather than record anyway and try to force the issue, thereby risking giving you subpar content, I'm just gonna take it easy on Let's Play content for the next week or two, and see how I am from there.  I'm working on some artistic pieces at the moment, so there will probably still be the odd video or two in that time, just no LPs.

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