Music For Meditation And Relaxation Take A Trip Through The Universe With Tripped Out Cigar Box Guitar & Synthesizer


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Steve Arvey on tour! Dates And Tickets Steve Arvey takes it to another dimension in this recording with Enzo CENTOFANTI on keyboards mixing traditional Cigar Box Guitar with Synthesizer And Spaced Out Keyboards. This recording took place at The Blue Door In Brunswick Georgia. Check Out The Deep Incredible Tone from This Cigar Box Guitar. Doug McDowell Of Devils Broomstick Guitars knocks it out of the park with this incredible new concept in 3 String Cigar Box Guitars. The neck is Maple, reinforced with a truss rod, padauk fret board and headstock trim.  25” scale The box is a Brickhouse.  Pickup is Alnico 5 humbucker.  Machine screws are used for both the bridge and the nut.V & T, strap buttons, etc.  paua abalone fret markers. (From Doug The Builder) “My inspiration was learning Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl and Ohio on a regular guitar, and how powerful D tuning can sound” I was also inspired by Steve Arvey’s Delta Swamp Rat themed 6 string cbg, tuned in DAD 12 string style. So the 2 ideas came together.  I detuned my guitar in the basement and messed with various tunings until I found this one. I am sure this is what Neil Young would have done with Gordon Lightfoot’s guitar if left unsupervised for 10 minutes.

This one is in DAD.  The first course of strings are D’s an octave apart, using .013” and .028” The second course are A’s an octave apart, using .022” and .042”. The 3rd course are D’s an octave apart, using .028” and .058”.

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