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👩🏽 TINA ROBINSON is an American stunt coordinator with quite the resume. She has more than 30 years of experience in film, theater, schools and businesses with acting, singing, stage combat, fight choreography, stunts, voice-work, teamwork and movement. She has experienced systematic gender-based discrimination throughout her career, and is now investigating history’s female warriors proving that women can indeed fight and have been doing it since the dawn of time.

📺 IN THIS EPISODE Tina talks about her documentary and investigative work into female warriors as part of her own rehabilitation after having gone through a breast cancer operation - reassuring us that the myth of the Amazons cutting of their breast to make space for a bow is just that - A MYTH - no woman would do that to herself. Tina takes us on a journey through myths, stories, theories and historical facts about warrior women throughout history. We talk about the female Nordic Vikings, the Celts, and an Afghan woman dressing in men’s clothes. We discuss what feminism means and talk about how women have been written out of history books not only as warriors but in many other fields too. That and much much more in this episode of Changing The Narrative.

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This episode was recorded Monday April 19th 2021

Created and hosted by: Louise Brix Andersen

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