The Beauty of Business with Mia Vassallo


👩🏽 MIA VASSALLO is a business woman in her early 30s who was once told in meeting: “you are a very nice and pretty girl but no one is ever going to want to do business with you”. So, she founded her own highly successful company ZCV Capital and Consulting based in Melbourne Australia, where she works on high level transactions across Australia, the Middle East and Europe. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of inequality and bias in the world of economics, and there are very few women in managerial positions. Despite the fact that Mia looks specifically to work with women only very few, out of all the projects she works on, are women.

📺 IN THIS EPISODE Mia talks about some of the challenges she has faced as a businesswoman. She tells us about the time she was pulled away for 4 hours of questioning in the airport because they thought it was more likely she was a sexworker or drug trafficker than a well-dressed businesswoman. Mia also talks about the research she did in 2021 with an Australian government agency about women in managerial positions proving that we are still very far from equality - let’s not forget it is only 48 years since an American woman could get a credit from the bank with the passage of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) in 1974.

Both Mia and I share how lonely we have felt in our career, and the importance of finding a community and possibly mentors to guide you on your path. Mia explains about her own personal growth from her early 20s and shares valuable tips on how to start out in the world of finance, how to deal with the fear of big budgets, how to deal with stress and much more.

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This Interview was recorded Sunday, October 17th 2021

Created and hosted by: Louise Brix Andersen

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