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πŸ‘©πŸ½ ZEN DONEN is a Danish lawyer and board member of the NGO, Everyday Sexism Project Denmark which is a voluntary organization that collects experiences about everyday sexism and informs, enlightens and fights sexism. Everyday Sexism Project was founded in 2012, in the UK, by Laura Bates who created a website where she collected experiences with sexism. In 2013 a team of Danish women started Everyday Sexism Project Danmark and Zen was there from the beginning. Zen also writes articles in various different newspapers and magazines.

πŸ“Ί IN THIS EPISODE Zen tells us about the pyramid they use in Everyday Sexism Project Danmark. At the top we have gender violence and femicide, and at the bottom we have the everyday sexism. Zen explains us how harmful the micro sexism is and she defines it as death by a thousand cuts. Zen let’s us understand that they are the micro aggressions and everyday sexism that slowly evolves into the more serious offenses like domestic violence, rape and femicide - that is why it is so important to deal with the everyday sexism. A long and very extensive talk about all the aspects of sexism.

πŸ”—Find out more about Everyday Sexism Project: www.everydaysexism.com / www.everydaysexismproject.dk

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Facebook: @EverydaySexismProject / @TheEverydaySexismProjectDanmark

This Interview was recorded Sunday, January 4th 2022

Created and hosted by: Louise Brix Andersen

Find out more about the work of Louise: www.louisebrix.com

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