Do Restaurant Industry People Care About Self-Improvement?


? The US foodservice industry is in bad shape. It’s time to do something about it.

? Ranked #1 for illicit drug use ( ? Ranked #3 for heavy drinking ( ? Mental Illness is on the rise (

“Although mental illness cuts across every profession, restaurants have unique pressures and lifestyle patterns that can contribute to suicide or other destructive behavior.” -Kat Kinsman,

“The average leisure and hospitality employee stays at one job for only 2.2 years. With hazardous working conditions and low rates of health benefits, high levels of attrition are hardly surprising. With a chef shortage, attrition is costly and retention is vital for the restaurant industry. Chefs may love cooking, servers may have a passion for hospitality, and bartenders may excel at making drinks, but a harsh working environment may knock some would-be long-termers out of the game early.” - Dakota Kim,




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