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In my 20+ years of restaurant experience, I’ve worked with only a small percentage of servers who are openly in love with the craft, have committed themselves to constant improvement, and have made food serving their career of choice.

The remainder seem to fall within a spectrum. There are those who’re waiting tables until some other opportunity comes along; some do it cheerfully, others with a fair amount of grumbling. And then there are the ones who feel so stuck and uninspired that they seem to resent everything about the job.

What sort of culture do you think this breeds? You guessed it! Go online and you’ll find countless groups and forums where waiters gather to rant and rave about awful guests and horrible managers. You’ll have to look much harder to find anything positive or encouraging.

So, if you’re one of the few (if only) servers in your restaurant who loves the craft, how do you insulate yourself from the negativity, cynicism, and grumbling? Here’s what I do before every shift. It really makes a difference!

Meditate: 10-20 minutes Fitness: 60-90 minutes of walking, stretching, and pushups Breathwork: box breathing https://youtu.be/muahtBRDac8 Study: listen to a motivational podcast Journal: 15 minutes every morning with a heavy focus on gratitude

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