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Wow, I had no idea how all this works in a restaurant. As a customer, I just walk in and I want my food as fast as possible, exactly prepared how I imagine it. I don’t really give any thought about what it takes to get it all done. I think your channel is not only something that is directed at people in the industry, but also for people like me which are just customers.

Great job!


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Great to hear that what I’m sharing resonates with more than just foodservice professionals.

I’m finding that the stress involved with executing nearly flawless hospitality comes at a great cost, mainly to the staff’s mental and physical health. There are just too many variables to control, and any mistake or deviation from “the way things are supposed to be done around here” can cause HUGE problems.

Imagine operating at a high level of focus and precision for 5-6 hours straight, your heart racing the entire time, your mind simultaneously holding multiple details and guest requests, surrounded by other staff members with varying capacities of managing stress, their anxiety rubbing off on you, as well. It’s a TON of stimulation, and often drives people into self-medicating behaviors, chronic sleep issues, and overall mental health degradation. Meanwhile, the best advice most foodservice professionals receive is to “tough it out” or “grow a thick skin.”

Luckily, I’m working in an environment where this is talked about openly, and the management team, for the most part, models sanity and calmness. This is not the reality for many of the restaurant workers, not even close. Addressing this head on is Swerver’s mission!

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