Back In the Kitchen with Michelle Whitney


Swerver Sessions Episode 6: Back In the Kitchen


Michelle Whitney knew at a young age that she wanted to be in the restaurant industry. After studying food service at a technical trade school on the East Coast, she enrolled in a culinary arts program to learn pastry. 🧑🏻‍🍳🍥


One would think she’d go straight into the kitchen, but instead, she pursued a front of the house position at 3 star Michelin Quince in San Francisco. I was impressed with Michelle’s focus and drive, but moved even more by her humility and openness. 👩🏻✨


The restaurant shutdown in March of 2020 cost her her serving position at hot spot Nopa, which brought on all the anxiety that comes with being unemployed, but Michelle applied the same level of resourcefulness she’s had throughout her career to finding new opportunities in the industry. From harvesting wine grapes in Oregon, to exploring the US in a van she customized for road travel with her partner, she’s now landed a pastry position at Ludvig’s Bistro, a charming sea to table restaurant in Sitka, Alaska. 🔪🥮

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