Is This The End Of Tipping? with Simone Barron


Swerver Sessions Episode 7: Is This The End of Tipping?


Simone Barron and I pick right up where we left off in our last conversation; the fate of tipped workers in the United States. As industry veterans who’ve both raised families on tipped income, we obviously have a lot to say on the matter. Simone has actually appeared in front of the US government on behalf of tipped workers click here.

Bio: Simone Barron has been in the service industry for 35 years. She has worked all over the country from the Midwest to the West Coast. She has worked in many types and styles of restaurants and held just about every position. She is also a founder of the Full Service Workers Alliance Seattle click here, a grassroots workers group providing support to Seattle full service restaurant workers.

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Very nice job in offering transparency on the future of FOH jobs and careers. You two presented the questions many are wondering but few are asking outright. Our industry operations have changed. Service is taking a backseat to just filling schedules with live bodies. The old model of FOH making bank on tips (even with tip-credit) is being morphed into the “equity” mind set that puts the industry workforce all making the same lower wage that is below market value. Both of you eluded to the new kind of industry worker coming to our industry, where service is dumbed down because leadership is focused on financial survival. The irony is that consumers still expect the old normal of service experience, while the industry is cramped with post pandemic reopening volume with fewer applicants wanting to work/return in/to our industry (for many reasons besides just making more $$$ on unemployment). Notable comment from Simone that millennials will work for less opportunity because that do not know their real value or contribution. Thanks for sharing, Simone and Michael!!!


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