Former Director of Bureau of Prisons on Prison Designations


The former Director of the Bureau of Prisons, Hugh Hurwitz, spoke with us about prison designations. The bullet points below show our discussion topics, and the time stamps show how he responded to the questions. To learn more, view our webpage, where we offered additional commentary.…

• How does the Bureau of Prisons designate a person? o Timestamp—1:00 to 4:19

• Will the BOP team in Grand Prairie interact with an advocacy team? o Timestamp—4:20 to 8:20

• Why does the BOP send some people to detention centers for the sentence? o Timestamp—8:26 to 12:39

• Can people serving sentences in prison create courses for Earned Time Credit? o Timestamp—12:40 to 15:30

• What are the different security levels in the Bureau of Prisons? o Timestamp—15:24 to 20:40

• How does medical care work inside the Bureau of Prisons? o Timestamp—20:45 to 27:40

• How does the BOP classify women who are serving sentences? o Timestamp—27:42 to 29:20

• How does the BOP operate the treaty-transfer program for foreign citizens? o Timestamp—29:24 to 32:20

• Can people in halfway house or home confinement work independently, or for a family-owned business? o Timestamp—32:24 to end

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