Rebecca The Songbird Visits BEMER Headquarters In Liechtenstein


Rebecca The Songbird, Senior IBD for BEMER has a great interview with Prof Carsten Bartsch, CEO of BEMER International, located in Liechtenstein while on her recent International Tour~ which included not ONLY The SongBird’s Musical performances in the Swiss-Italian Alps, Germany & More~ Yet also included Sharing BEMER with others in France, Italy & Austria as well !! This genuinely EXCITING stop for Rebecca Also led to an Extraordinary Tour of the Main BEMER Factory & plant as well as conversations with Head of Customer Service, Frank Malich of BEMER, Anna in Administration, Diego (12 yrs/ in Sales !) & two very friendly & rather athletic BEMER Cyclists who happened to be riding their bikes nearby ! WHAT a fortuitous ADVENTURE Indeed !! Check out my website for MORE SPECTACULAR INFO Regarding this AMAZING Device & HOW It actually ASSISTS The BODY to HEAL ITSELF, plus MANY other uses~ including a Sleep program + an Equestrian set-backed up with Scientific facts & medical information as well !!




Bra Rebecca 😘


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